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Underlay Connectivity

Transtelco is a leading digital infrastructure service provider connecting companies on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border and across the Americas.

Cloud Connect

Product Overview


When using Cloud Services, contents and resources are no longer so close to end users. So, it is essential to provide good quality in the connectivity in order to ensure top user experience.

With Transtelco‘s Cloud Connect you can connect the public clouds directly to your private network, improving performance and security. Using Cloud Connect instead of Internet prevents network congestion, and avoids packet drops, suboptimal routing and latency variations in order to achieve the best results in terms of throughput. End to end latency and availability are also warrantied by SLA. 

Transtelco Cloud Connect is available for AWS, Azure, Google, Salesforce, Oracle, IBM Cloud and Alibaba Cloud enabling users to enjoy the best Multi-Cloud experience.

The service allows connecting the client’s local network to its cloud resources over physical fiber optic connections, establishing a dedicated connection from the client’s facilities to the interconnection sites of the Cloud provider. The client must contract with their Cloud provider the private connection port with the corresponding bandwidth and we generate the connectivity and transport to the desired interconnection site.

Cloud Connect Benefits

By using our Cloud Connect services, our customers profit the ability to connect to their cloud resources directly and through private circuits; in such a way that the cloud behaves like another point in your corporate network. Compared to the Internet, Cloud Connect has the following advantages:





Posibility of connecting different clouds to each other through the closest point the Transtelco network, instead somewhere in the customer’s network.

In the Cloud Connect security is intrinsic, because the connections are for the exclusive use of each client.

Because private connections prevent suboptimal routing and packet loss, higher transfer rates are archived, resulting in better user experience.

Compatible with the most demanding security regulations, there is the option to encrypt the data sent to the clouds (Secure Cloud Connect).

Dedicated Internet Access

Product Overview

 Businesses in the digital era are based on the extensive use of data and applications than run through the networks. For that reason, the performance of the connections has a large impact on productivity. Transtelco’s Direct Internet Access offers a dedicated and symmetrical access to the Internet that warrants the highest possible throughput.

Our network is designed and operated according to Carrier Class standards, in order to be used by the main ISPs in the region; hence exceeding the expectations of the corporate users, maximizing the opportunities that the digital transformation offers.

Our Internet service is supported by our international data transport network based on terrestrial and submarine optical fibers. In order to provide an excellent service, the design rule that our backbone follows is to focus on route diversity, in order to avoid that a fiber cut diminishes the quality of the data transmission. 

The service is delivered using Fiber Optics in the last mile connection, using high end technology to connect our customers directly to our Points of Presence (PoP), offering a dedicated last mile connection.

Another advantage of our service is our interconnection policy that prioritizes peering with content providers, clouds and CDN systems (like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Yahoo, Akamai, among others) and national NAPs in each country where we operate. Our estimation is that the 85% of the traffic is using these connections. This allows us to shorten the distance between users, content and applications, improving the experience and productivity of the collaborators.

Direct Internet Access Benefits

We know that the Internet access is a critical resource of the digital business, both for the operational processes and the access and publication of information. Our DIA services features:

  Symmetrical Corporate Service. Dedicated connection 1:1.

  High bandwidth network peering with the main carriers and direct connections to content providers, such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Yahoo, Akamai, etc.

  One of the largest IP providers in Mexico (30% CAGR) with a dense footprint in the region. 

  Flexible bandwidth options from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps.

  Optional features: content filtering, inappropriate or insecure content blocking, and DDoS protection via our centralized traffic protection platform.

  Optimal service performance based on multiple international subsea and terrestrial fiber systems, in order to provide maximum resiliency and diversity.

Private Line Ethernet

Product Overview

Ethernet Private Line Services to support point-to-point and multi-point connectivity throughout the Americas to meet the unique demands for privacy, security, and service availability at a competitive cost.

Private Ethernet Benefits

   Highly scalable bandwidth options from 2 Mbps to 100 Gbps and beyond.

   Dedicated point-to-point and multi-point connectivity that provides a secure, flexible and reliable solution.

   Competitive Service Level Agreements (SLA) with robust and resilient connectivity options to meet your mission critical needs.

   Ethernet services built to support almost every possible solution, giving you feature flexibility for Class of Service (CoS) levels, VLAN transparency and tagging capabilities.

   Unsurpassed service availability and performance with access to a 24x7x365 Expert Technical Support Center.

   Full 802.3 compliance.

   End-to-end connectivity fault management and remote testing through Smart Demarcation, a standard inline Ethernet network interface device placed at all customer locations.

Enterprise WAN

Product Overview

Our customers love the cost-savings, the flexibility, and the promise of worldwide connectivity. When you need to extend your private connectivity services into the Americas, you can depend on us to provide exceptional value.

The global Enterprise-WAN service uses MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) technology, a high-speed forwarding method, and offers a high-quality network service, allowing end customers to create a virtual private network (VPN) within the same network. MPLS technology ensures strong protection and security for VPNs.

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) is a switching technology that uses labels instead of IP addresses to identify destinations and route traffic through the backbone. It is a totally dedicated, private and secure connection service that connects the client’s offices through Transtelco’s international network. The service guarantees Availability, Latency, Packet Delivery, Jitter and Bandwidth, ensuring a service experience with the highest performance and quality.

Enterprise WAN Benefits

    Multi-point L3 Services powered by our award winning Software Defined network.

    Multi-access technology that easily aligns with various types of “last mile” connectivity.

  Private and secure solutions that operate independently from the public Internet.

  Six Quality of Service (QoS) levels for traffic classification, scheduling and priority.

  Bandwidth options:from 1 Mbps to beyond 10 Gbps.

  Competitive Service Level Agreements (SLA) with robust and resilient connectivity options to meet your mission critical needs.

  Customizable options to meet business requirements, including configuration, deployment and management of customer premise equipment (CPE) at your network sites.

  Network redundancy linking our next generation routers with the customer equipment, combining the flexibility of multiple router protocols with maximum back-up protection.